When Hevi-Shot entered the bullet business in 1999, they took the industry by storm. At the time, our tungsten-iron birdshot had no equal. Today, Hevi-Shot is still one of the leading brands for shotgun ammo meticulously designed and thoughtfully engineered around a variety of bird hunting including duck, goose, pheasant, and turkey. Hevi-Shot products make better memories for hunters by performing better in the field and by constantly evolving our products as new materials become available, always striving to provide the very best in modern shotshells. Hevi Shot made the very first Heavier Than Lead pellets. We pioneered irregular pellet shapes, which boost lethality and reduce drag. Based in Oregon, we have a vast catalog, offering a range of shotgun shells in a variety of gauges, including 12 gauge shotgun shells and .410 shotgun shells, as well as some centerfire ammo.

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We also offer a big selection of choke tubes carried by HEVI-Shot specifically designed for waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting, and even coyote hunting! Of course, 12 gauge are the most popular shot shells in America, so we sell HEVI-Shot Dead Coyote, HEVI-Shot Turkey, HEVI-Shot Duck and HEVI-Shot Magnum Blend. 20 gauge HEVI-Shot offers many of those same loads, and you can find HEVI-Shot Bismuth in several gauges and cartridges. The more popular ammo includes Hevi Shot Dead Coyote, a shot shell that delivers tight patterns and enough energy to take down the wiliest coyotes at 70 yards. Hevi Shot Duck comes in a wide range of gauges from 12 to 28, and was designed for fast-moving flying game. Turkey load Hevi-13 comes loaded with buffered pellets to create a dense pattern. Then there’s Hevi Bismuth shells, which are affordable yet still effective, especially with older fixed choke double shotguns.